Contributing documentation

If you would like to improve the existing documentation, you can do so by using mkdocs. Howdoi uses mkdocs to render its documentation. Steps to contribute to docs:

  • Every step from Contributing to howdoi remains the same with additional requirements of installing and building mkdocs.
  • First, install mkdocs by running the following command:
    pip install mkdocs
  • You can learn about mkdocs usage from mkdocs documentation.
  • You can propose your documentation by creating a new issue.
  • Once approved in the issue, you can create a PR with modifications to the mkdocs markdown.
  • Next, create a new branch and go to the folder howdoi/docs/ and add a .md file.
  • Go to mkdocs.yml and add the name of your added .md file in nav
  • To see the changes in your local server, go to your terminal and in this directory run :
   $ mkdocs build
   $ mkdocs serve
  • Once done, make a PR for the same and wait for it to be reviewed.